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Dry Powder Inhaler Platform

Manta Devices LLC. is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts and provides dry powder inhaler development expertise to optimize our proprietary devices to meet partners inhaled dose delivery requirements. We specialize in low cost passive DPI solutions that are configured to deliver large or small dose payloads to the lungs with very consistent FPF% and emitted dose performance. We help companies by providing an enabling inhaler platform, device development experience and an intellectual property portfolio to protect the resulting drug product.

Our DPI platform enables companies developing actives to move rapidly into clinical trials with a proprietary device. Manta can optimize our inhaler platform to meet your dose delivery requirements for a wide variety of formulations. Our team can rapidly develop, prototype and test iterative designs in our on-site prototype shop and test lab. Our capabilities include human factors and usability engineering, industrial design, engineering development and design for manufacturability to facilitate the transition from device prototypes to high volume manufacturing.

Disposable DPI

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DPI Platform

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Large Dose DPI

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