High Efficiency DPI Platform

Torus Dispersion

DPI Platform

Manta Devices has developed a high efficiency DPI platform that can be optimized to meet a variety of dose delivery requirements. Our passive dispersion technologies leverage the inherent benefits of low cost injection molding and provide precise control over air flow, device resistance and dose delivery. Our inhaler designs eliminate the problems associated with traditional capsule DPI's such as complicated usability, inconsistent opening, shards and buildup of residual drug in a used device. Our DPI platform can be configured as a single dose disposable or multi dose DPI solution. Manta's technologies include:

• Dose Metering Technology

• Dispersion Technology

• Packaging Technology

Manta's patented Dose Metering Technology consists of a unique air flow arrangement in the dose chamber that controls the particle size and rate of dose released from the chamber. This turbulent interaction fractures large dose agglomerates in the dose chamber and provides a controlled release of smaller agglomerates to downstream dispersion engines.

Manta's Torus Dispersion Technology utilizes centrally located air jets to drive air flow and entrained dose around a toroidal chamber. Centripetal force and turbulent air flow causes the dose to deagglomerate against the external chamber walls. Dose metering and dispersion performance can be controlled by varying the air path inlet and outlet sizes. The Torus can perform as a stand alone DPI or can be integrated with other Manta DPI technologies.

Manta's Packaging Technology combines the gold standard of foil on foil moisture protection and user friendly ergonomics. Device removal from its foil packaging automatically opens the dispersion engine for inhalation and eliminates confusing pre-inhalation maneuvers.

Manta's technologies use standard high volume manufacturing materials and processes commonly used in the drug delivery industry. Dose consistency is ensured by the use of factory pre-metered unit doses utilizing standard capsule filling and blister sealing technologies.

Patient compliance is critical to a successful therapeutic outcome and is facilitated by good design and ergonomics. Our delivery platforms are simple to use and require a minimum of user steps to deliver a dose. Our devices are small and convenient and integrate with the user's lifestyle.