Disposable DPI

Solo Disposable Inhaler

Disposable DPI

Manta’s SOLO™ inhaler is a low cost disposable DPI that combines ergonomic simplicity, high performance dispersion and dose stability into a cost effective single-use solution.  Device removal from its foil packaging automatically opens the dispersion engine for inhalation and eliminates confusing pre-inhalation maneuvers. Smart ergonomics provide intuitive user handling and ensures mouthpiece cleanliness in home or clinical settings. The high efficiency dispersion engine delivers large or small dose payloads for a wide variety of applications including asthma and COPD, vaccines, antibiotics, and rescue medications.

This DPI integrates Manta's patented Blister Opening and Metering Dose Chamber Technologies and is comprised of a standard foil blister and two injection molded parts. Manufacturing and filling use standard industry materials and methods. This disposable DPI integrates the following:

SOLO™ Benefits:

• High efficiency passive dispersion
• Large and small dose payloads
• Neat drug or blended formulations
• Auto-opening of dispersion engine
• Foil environmental dose protection
• Standard filling and manufacturing
• Low cost configuration
• Patented opening technology