Torus Large Dose DPI

TORUS Large Dose DPI

Large Dose DPI

The Manta Torus™ Large Dose DPI is a low cost, passive, dry powder inhaler platform that is capable of delivering large payloads of spray dried or blended formulations. The device can be prefilled for single use applications such as vaccines or fast acting/rescue therapies, or can be easily reloaded by the patient for multi dose applications such as antibiotics. The drug dose is stored in a toroidal shaped injection molded plastic chamber, which integrates Manta's dose metering and dispersion technologies. The use of an injection molded chamber contributes to the consistency and repeatability of the Torus DPI dose delivery performance, as the tolerance of the dose chamber parts can be tightly controlled, and the chamber can be opened without any of the obstructing flaps that result from piercing capsules or foil based chambers. This large dose DPI provides the following:

• High efficiency passive dispersion
• Delivers up to 40mg (particles < 5µm)
• Large and small dose payloads
• Spray dried and blended drug formulations
• Consistent, repeatable dose chamber opening
• Low cost manufacturing
• Simple ergonomic actuation – simple to load and use
• Environmental dose protection
• Dose readiness and dose confirmation indication
• Patented technology

Manta Torus Data 12May2012