DPI Partner

DPI Partner

MANTA is uniquely positioned as a DPI partner for companies engaged in early stage development of an inhalation drug product and require development support of a proprietary inhaler. MANTA's devices are based upon our patented intellectual property and provide a gateway through an increasingly crowded IP landscape. Our experience and in-house capabilities enable us to lead the device development process including design, development and transfer to manufacturing.

Intellectual Property

Securing robust intellectual property rights can help provide a sustainable competitive advantage and minimize development risk. Over the last 12 years, Manta Devices has been developing an IP portfolio that includes dispersion technologies, device designs and packaging that can be applied to a variety of device designs.


Manta DPI's can be optimized for delivery of neat drug or blended formulations.  Device resistance and dose payloads can be adjusted to meet the needs of your user population and dosing regimen. The inhaler can be used for single dose, multi dose or combination dose applications.

Manta Devices has the expertise to optimize our inhaler technologies to meet your device requirements. Our solutions meet the needs of the user, the market, dose stability, manufacturing and dose filling. Manta Devices has the experience and capabilities to bring these considerations together and support co-development activities.

Our expertise includes:

• Human factors and usability engineering
• Industrial design and mechanical engineering
• Analytical tools including CFD and FEA
• Internal rapid prototyping
• Internal analytical testing lab (GSP)
• Process control/design history
• Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA)